1000 miles of sailing, thanks to a ‘merry’ voicemail

I knew he’d be trouble the first time he wrote to me. ‘Dave, I’d like to ride a scooter across Australia….’┬áSebastian Terry told me. I attract his kind, but most of them finish writing and decide that they were being stupid. Not Seb.

That was in 2008. Two years later we met in person, and the first thing we did was take most of our clothes off and break lots of eggs together. Three days later Seb broke the world record for the number of eggs crushed between big toes in 30 seconds. Pretty standard behaviour for a man ticking off a list of 100Things he’d quite like to do before he dies

A month after that we Stand Up Paddleboarded some 85km across Lake Geneva, and since then the ideas have been flowing. Just last week Seb called me, at 2am. I was asleep. The message he left was quite wonderful, though, and fuelled by what I’d imagine to be things beginning with B and ending with EER. As someone on the lookout for non motorised ways in which to cover 1000 miles, it was quite a tasty message, here it is:

Check out www.davecornthwaite.com for the Expedition1000 story so far

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